What is Terraform and What is it Used For

What is Terraform and What is it Used For?

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Terraform is an infrastructure as code or IaC tool. IaC enables developers or operations teams to automatically manage, monitor, and provide resources through code instead of manually in person.

WithTerraform, users define their entire infrastructure by simply using configuration files and version control, and HashiCorp ConfigurationLanguage or HCL.

HCL’s simple syntax makes it easy for DevOps teams to provision and reprovisions infrastructure across multiple clouds and on-premise data centers. Terraform is one of the most popular IaC tools, especially for cloud-based workloads.

What is it Used For?

Terraform can be used for external resource management, multi-cloud deployment, self-service clusters, software-defined networking, resource scheduler, and disposable environments. Terraform can also translate HCL into JSON, a more common language, make incremental changes to resources, and lock modules to ensure that only one person makes changes at a time.

But there are some disadvantages. new releases and updates may have bugs. Users if unfamiliar with JSON will have to learn a new programming language. It doesn’t have error handling, and renaming and moving resources can be difficult. What I see tools does your organization use? share in the comments below and be sure to hit that like button too.

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