8 Tips How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR

8 Tips How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR

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Hello friends i am going to give 8 Tips How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR about how to prevent machine sickness while playing VR games okay guys don’t go anywhere stay with me and let’s begin motion sickness is a condition that occurs because of an inconsistency between the work of the visual system the balance system and the touch system in the body so it’s not in sync between what you see and what’s happening in real life.

8 Tips How to Prevent Motion Sickness in VR

that’s why our brains get dizzy with nausea machine sickness in VR games occurs when we play a game where your body moves in VR but physically your body is still well.

our brain thinks we are walking in VR but the body is not moving so out of sync and will be dizzy will be nausea and finally vomit you can get dizzy for hours but machine sickness doesn’t happen to everyone. you are in luck if you are one of them they won’t experience machine signals. because they have strong vr legs.

what is VR legs bare legs is a term for VR users who have a good ability to synchronize their brain and body so what about people who still get dizzy and have motion sickness when playing vr in this video i will give you some tips so that you can strengthen your vr leg so that motion sickness doesn’t occur while playing VR

Tip number one

look for a game that’s comfortable in comfortable especially for those of you who are playing VR for the first time if you look for games on the Oculus store every game or application has a comfort rating that is comforting so it’s kind of fretting for the game.

depending on the level of locomotion or the type of body movement there are three comfort settings comfortable moderate and intense for beginners choose a game that has comfortable comfort lighting then when the VR legs get stronger then we can play to moderate to continue to rise again to the intense in games that have an intense comfort rating usually there are more body movements that make the head dizzy.

so for beginners avoid intense games okay it should be noted that steam and psvr don’t have a comfort letting so you need to guess whether the game makes machine sickness or not you just have to look at the game reviews or gameplay on youtube look for games whose movements use a teleportation system because teleporting doesn’t make much and sickness it’s not like walking virtually using a controller for beginners it must be dizzy right there are many games that have movement using a controller.

but it doesn’t cause much in sickness there is a kind of configuration where we can set the comfort level by adding a vignette in the VR games we are playing by the way for the game if it’s your first time playing vr game you can play with a saber or super hot VR maybe because they don’t really make you dizzy and make you feel good on your eyes or if you want to play a game with movement choose better immortal or Arizona sunshine or yeah robbery call and several games that use a teleportation system for locomotion.

Tip number two

don’t forget to set the ipd according to your actual eye distance what is ipd ipd is the popular distance between the left eye and the right eye oculus quest 2 has three levels of ipd 58 65 and 68 millimeters apart from determining whether it’s blurry or not ipd also affects whether we are dizzy or not if you move walk or turn in VR well-adjusted ipd can help you avoid machine sickness.

Tip number three

physically turn your body when you turn your body in VR this means that you will be more comfortable and less muscular sick when your body turns physically than when you use the control while your body is still quiet many VR games allow you to turn your body virtually using snap turning or smooth turning but I guarantee you beginners who don’t have wear legs will definitely get dizzy when turning their bodies.

so you better buy this if you want to turn your body into VR your real body should be thin it physically right by the way this doesn’t apply to PlayStation VR because if you turn your body around the sensor from the controller won’t be detected by the PlayStation camera it’s blocked by your back because the station camera detect with uh infrared sensor right

Tip number four

swing your arms when walking in VR like if you walk in the real world yeah you know every time you walk you usually get your hands get your arms swinging too right so just try it this way you won’t be too dizzy because your brain thinks you are really walking.

Tip number five

use a fan while playing VR yes I’m serious I also often use a fan when I’m playing besides the air being cooler you will also feel that your body is moving if you fly on a VR you will really feel like you are flying because there is the wind blowing on your body right

Tip number six

when you’ve been playing the game for 10 or 15 minutes and already feel dizzy you should immediately rest lay down for a few minutes or maybe a few hours and then drink it’s next and if you are still dizzy hold on not to continue playing if you don’t have a headache then you can continue playing the point is don’t force it because if you are dizzy and you are still forced to play this who will be nausea and vomiting surely you don’t want to right in addition if you are forced to use it for a long term playing VR will often cause you to feel dizzy if you want your VR legs to be strong at the beginning you have to rest a lot if you are already dizzy.

Tip number seven

drink ginger ale is widely available online if you want to save money just making your water using sugar keep drinking before or while you play VR Giga rail is always a recommendation for treating people who have muscle sickness and funny

Tip number eight

set some configuration in VR games in comfort settings for example start using snap turning instead of a smooth turning and setting the body for movement to use support instead of moving virtually or if you use virtual movement usually in some games there is a comfort setting there is a big net setting so you don’t get too dizzy when moving forward but i suggest to turn your body it’s better to just turn your body physically it’s more massive and also just better okay guys that’s eight tips how to avoid machine sickness.

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