What is Hyper Automation?

What is Hyper Automation?

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The term hyper-automation doesn’t describe a set of tools and it’s not a process it essentially refers to combining advanced technologies to strategically automate as much of a business as possible we’ll give you a rundown on the buzz around hyper automation and for a deep dive into one of the main ingredients in hyper-automated environments.

The simplest RPA software bots are built by recording clicks and keystrokes as the user interacts with an app rpa saves money and increases efficiency but it isn’t necessarily conducive to scaling so the desire to scale up rpa has led to the concept of hyper-automation.

Hyper-automation is a framework for scaling automation building on the success and limitations of rpa its ultimate goal is to automate enterprise automation with a combination of advanced technologies in addition to rpa other tools necessary in developing a hyper-automation strategy include no code or low code applications integration platform.

As a service business process management systems ai machine learning tools like optical character recognition and natural language processing and more than just a mix of automation tools hyper-automation also includes ensuring all automation software and programs can work together resulting in the automation of more complex.

Previously un automatable tasks by combining RPA with other automation technologies ai and machine learning hyper-automation aims to capitalize on the data collected and generated by digitized.

Processes leading to better and timelier decision making as enterprises adopt hyper-automation business operations can improve in a variety of ways for instance a finance team might use task mining software to watch how human accountants receive invoices and what data they capture and paste into other apps serving as a basic bot template that template can then be passed over to the center for an excellent team.

Who can generate a final bot oversee quality monitoring and assess the cost of the bot and how much it saved the company the data from this process can then help prioritize other automation opportunities has your company embraced hyper-automation.

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